In an exclusive RREVERB interview in November 2015, music consultant Pedro Barbosa answered “Jesse Mac Cormack” when I asked him, “Which brilliant artist should have made it big, but didn’t yet?” adding, “He’s a little nuts but a genius.” Intrigued by this strong statement, I tried to catch in concert the Montreal singer-songwriter as often as I could. I saw him twice (at the 2016 Montreal Jazz Fest, and more recently at Pop Montreal at this EP’s launch night), and both times I was amazed by his performance. Inspired, powerful, with strong melodic hooks. Loved it.

On September 16, a 5-song EP entitled “After the Glow” was released through Secrect City Records, showcasing Mac Cormack’s visceral way of delivering his indie rock songs. There is a lot of raw blues in his music, like in Addict, as if Nick Cave would have met with Sam Roberts and met halfway between the dark emotions and the heartfelt way of singing soul and blues.


There are dynamic songs on this EP, like Repeat, that show the Montrealer can rock like guys like Sam Roberts and deliver emotion like Paolo Nutini. Jesse Mac Cormack has a darker and denser song arrangement that makes his music less accessible to the general public. Never Enough is a dynamic song that blends loud guitars à la White Stripes with a melody that could have been found in the 80s. An excellent song!

“After the Glow” is a captivating EP that accurately represents how intense Jesse Mac Cormack can be on stage. Both album and concerts are highly recommended.

Pedro was right: this guy’s music needs to be in more ears than it is now!


After the Glow EP
(Secret City, 2016)

-Genre: indie folk rock
-In the same genre as Sam Roberts, Paolo Nutini

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