Rock and roll hasn’t always been corporately correct. Its roots are anchored in rebellion, provocation and sexuality. Through the years, sex and nudity has been celebrated, then banned, then celebrated again, as trends and conscience vary from era to era. Back in the day, people were shocked at Madonna’s “Sex” book (out in 1992) and clip for Justify my Love. But nowadays, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna show more skin than all the 80’s and 90’s combined… But this isn’t new. As long as there were records, there was nudity.


Nudity on record sleeves has always been regarded as very audacious. Many records have been banned from the shelves as they were too gross (The Beatles’ first edition of “Yesterday, and Today” with bloody baby dolls is a famous example), or too sexy. But we have found nudity on albums that date way before Sky Ferreira’s 2013 album “Night Time, My Time” which featured the young blonde singer topless in the shower.

As early as the 60s, some easy listening albums featured pretty models to highlight the theme of the record. Well, they must have found out that sales were increasing as the models were awesome, and went all the way to having nude models!

Here are a few of them… with, below, a song we found on YouTube, so you can also hear (if you care to give them a try…) what is on the album.

sexy record sleeve all of betty ross 1963

sexy record sleeve ken james I love sax

sexy record sleeve Richmonde, Faye Saul T. Peter Miss Dee Angelina My Pussy Belongs to Daddy 50s

sexy record sleeve Georgie Gibbs i feel so smoothie

sexy record sleeve Stewart Lenger Orchestra Golden Tenor Sax

This next one is sexy on the front cover…

sexy record sleeve Wonderful Tropical Night 60s front

…and on the back cover!

sexy record sleeve Wonderful Tropical Night 60s back

And even classical records would get that sexy angle, once in a while!

sexy record sleeve Beethoven daniel barenboim

Muhammed al-Bakkar was a noted Lebanese tenor and oud player that appeared in several Arabic-language films before he moved to the United States in 1952. There he lived in Brooklyn and released several LPs of Arabic music. Many of his albums feature nude belly dancers, in the 50s! Info here.

sexy record sleeve Mohammed El-Bakkar and His Oriental Ensemble music for a belly dancer

sexy record sleeve Mohammed El-Bakkar and His Oriental Ensemble dances of port said

sexy record sleeve Mohammed El-Bakkar and His Oriental Ensemble

Here is some of his music.


Bert Henry was a comedian who made records of jokes in the 60s. He was boasted by Fax records as a master of “Torrid tidbits of sexopathic humour!” During the late 1950’s and early 60’s Henry established a clamouring audience that consisted of the average man and Hollywood entertainers who considered his bits to be wild and bold (read more here)

MANY of his albums feature topless girls. Why? We don’t know. One thing for sure, it got his records noticed.

sexy record sleeve bert henry at the hungry thigh 1961

sexy record sleeve bert henry position is everything

sexy record sleeve bert henrythe hard way alt

sexy record sleeve bert henry at the hungry thigh 1961 alt

sexy record sleeve bert henry the hard way 1963

Here is one of his jokes…


Japanese, German and French music also had their sexy record sleeves. Some for easy listening music, and others for known musicians.

sexy record sleeve Yeniden Yetmişe Curcuna - Exotic Oriental Belly-Dance Musi



sexy record sleeve Kozo Yamamoto Septet - Aishu No Tenor Sax (1968)

sexy recor sleeve Kaoru Akimoto - Hit Kayo Best 28

sexy record sleeve Tommy Palmer Golden Tenor Sax 1979

sexy record sleeve donald byrd gigi gryce xtasy 1974

Then in the 70s, hard rock bands began to live the legendary “sex, drugs and rock’n’roll” lifestyle and it began to show on their record sleeve choices. Many were banned and had to be covered in stores, especially in America, where mindsets weren’t as open as in Europe.

In 1968, legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix had a bunch of naked girls immortalized for the “Electric Ladyland” album cover, as the planned image wasn’t ready in time for pressing. According to John Perry’s Electric Ladyland book, while Hendrix was otherwise occupied overseas, label boss Chris Stamp sent a photographer to a local speakeasy and offered the girls £5 to appear topless (or 10 to go fully nude) for the photo shoot.

jimi hendrix Electric-Ladyland 1968

Read more: The Story of the Banning of Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Electric Ladyland’ Album Cover

Later that same year, John Lennon and new love Yoko Ono started their artistic journey with the experimental album “Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins” on which they were both shown fully naked on the sleeve! It is reported that Lennon said that the cover “just seemed natural for us. We’re all naked really.” Ono viewed the cover as a significant declaration: “I was in the artistic community, where a painter did a thing about rolling a naked woman with blue paint on her body on a canvas; … that was going on at the time”. The legend goes that John and Yoko had recorded the music all night and made love for the first time in the morning.

sexy record sleeve JohnLennon_TwoVirgins Yoko Ono 1968

The following year, super group Blind Faith (comprised of guitarist Eric Clapton, keyboardist Steve Winwood and drummer Ginger Baker) released their only studio album, which featured a young nude girl, holding a miniature plane. The model used was Mariora Goschen, who was reported to be 11 years old. Mariora initially requested a horse as a fee but was instead paid £40, as reported by Wikipedia.

sexy record sleeve 1969 blind faith

In 1973, after Led Zeppelin released their “Houses of the Holy” album on which nude kids are shown on rocks, Dutch band Golden Earring, famous for their sole hit Radar Love, launched “Moontan”, featuring a Moulin Rouge almost nude dancer. During 1973–74, when “Radar Love” was a hit, they had Kiss and Aerosmith as their opening act! More here.

sexy record sleeve golden earring moontan 1973

The following year, dandy art-prog rockers Roxy Music (in which Bryan Ferry and Brian Eno both played, but the later had left by then) released “Country Life”, which featured two female models wearing very little clothes. Wikipedia names Constanze Karoli (cousin of Can’s Michael Karoli) and Eveline Grunwald (who was also Michael Karoli’s girlfriend). The album is considered by many critics to be among the band’s most sophisticated and consistent.

sexy record sleeves roxy music Country-Life-outs

Still, in the 70s, a lot of easy listening albums were showing female models on their compilation albums to get the buyers’ attention. Funk bands started to do the same. Ohio Players made themselves a reputation for sexual connotations on their record sleeves, but The Harlem Soul Brothers went all the way, with this nude female black model on their 1975 album “Black Fever”. A few years later, The Tradewinds went for the sexy angle as record sleeve The Harlem Soul Brothers Black Fever 1975

sexy record sleeve Tradewinds Cream of the Crop 1981

Another cheesy sexy record sleeve can be found in Johnny “Guitar” Watson’s discography. His 1978 album “Getting down with” showcases a naked woman holding a guitar between her legs…

sexy record sleeve Johnny ''Guitar'' Watson - Gettin' Down With

A lot of minor bands and unkown singers have used sexy record sleeves to get noticed… but that didn’t work too much. Does anybody remember Patricia Harris, Chacachas, Harry Stoneman, Michel Renard, Wolfgang Reich or Edmundo Ros?

Chakachas - Stories 1972

sexy record sleeve Edmundo Ros latin love in

sexy record sleeve Patricia Harris - Heaven Is... (In The Back Seat Of My Cadillac)

sexy record sleeve Harry Stoneham Love's Themes 1975

sexy record sleeve Wolfgang Reich Neue Ernte

sexy record sleeve Michel Renard a mains pleines

As the 70s were ending, punk, rap and disco were emerging. Nudity was now a way to shock society. The Slits showed themselves naked on their “Cut” album in 1979, while pop-punk trio Bow Wow Wow gained a lot of attention by showing their 14-year-old singer Annabella Lwin nude on the cover of their “See Jungle! See Jungle! Go Join Your Gang, Yeah. City All Over! Go Ape Crazy” album, in a reprise of the Manet painting, Déjeuner sur l’herbe. In 1981, that didn’t go well. Lwin’s mother sued the band for using her underage daughter nude publicly.

sexy record sleeve the slits cut nude 1979

sexy record sleeve Bow Wow Wow See Jungle! See Jungle! Go Join Your Gang, Yeah. City All Over! Go Ape Crazy 198

In 1983, zouk musician Simon Jurad, ex-member of the Martinique bands La Perfecta and Operation 78 released a single with a very sexy sleeve… Hot hot hot!

sexy record sleeve Simon Jurad new look

And in 1985, punk band Dead Kennedys’ idea of a cover art for the album “Frankenchrist” was banned pretty much everywhere as it showed sexual intercourse in a ratter crude way.

sexy record sleeve Dead Kennedys – Frankenchrist 1985

The 80s were a pretty corporate decade. Only in 1988 did some nude album covers published with Prince’s “Lovesexy” and The Pixies’ “Surfer Rosa” being issued in the same year. The Minneapolis superstar chose to highlight himself, as male nudes were pretty rare (and still are) using a photo by Jean Baptiste Mondino, but the Boston band went for a Spanish dancer. Wikipedia states: “Surfer Rosa’s cover artwork features a photograph of a topless “friend of a friend” of the band, posing as a flamenco dancer, pitched against a wall which displays a crucifix and a torn poster.”

sexy record sleeves prince lovesexy nude 1988

sexy record sleeve the pixies surfer rosa 1988

Still in 1988, metal band Sodom released the live album “Mortal Way of Life” which featured the roman decadence at its best. It included a Mötorhead cover, and songs titled Sodomy & Lust, Christ Passion and Persecution Mania.

sexy record sleeve Sodom Mortal way of life 1988

Many other metal bands used sexy images, in pictures or drawings, on their record sleeves. We wont list them nor show all of them here, but here are a few.

sexy record sleeve hymen-holocaust-necromance

sexy record sleeves After All Armeggedion come 2001

sexy record sleeve Absolute Steel Fair Bitch project 2002

sexy record sleeve raw silk under the skin

Classical ensemble Kronos Quartet also used nudity on their record sleeve for 1988’s “Salome dances for peace.” Christian traditions depict her as an icon of dangerous female seductiveness, notably in regard to the dance mentioned in the New Testament, which is thought to have had an erotic element to it, and in some later transformations it has further been iconized as the Dance of the Seven Veils.

sexy record sleeve Kronos Quartet salome dances

As the 90s hit, grunge bands emerged. One of them, Afghan Whigs released the “Congregation” in 1992, which featured a nude black woman holding a white new born baby, comically alluding to the band’s African-American music influences. Pop grunge band Sugar Ray released their debut album “Lemonade and Brownies” in 1995 but weren’t too much noticed for the music. Actress Nicole Eggert (Baywatch) stole the show…

sexy record sleeves afghan whigs congregation 1992

sexy record sleeves Sugar-Ray-Lemonade-and-Brownies 1995

The Dwarves were a punk rock band from Chicago that started to play in the mid-80s. Their album covers are unusual – naked women, and a naked dwarf sodomizing a rabbit covered in blood, for their 1990 album “Blood Guts & Pussy” – followed up a decade later, with a similar theme, this time covered in soap suds, for “Come Clean”. Source Wiki.

sexy record sleeve the dwarves 1990 Blood Guts and Pussy

sexy record sleeve the dwarves nude crucifix sexy record sleeve the dwarves nude sexy record sleeve the dwarves 2004 must die

The California band Buckcherry released their eponymous album in 1999 which also featured a nude model, in a painting. This time, it’s the hippie mood that is highlighted with body painting.

sexy record sleeves buckcherry 1999

NYC band The Strokes’ first album “Is This It?” was met with widespread critical acclaim in 2001, throwing Julian Casablancas in immediate stardom. The sleeve features a woman but.

sexy record sleeves the strokes is this it 2001

Rap artists very often feature sexy women on their record sleeves, but we’ll showcase Ice-T’s “Gangsta Rap” album from 2006, on which he and his wife are fully nude and in bed. Trip hop artist Tricky tackled two taboos on the same record sleeve: drugs and sex.

sexy record sleeve Ice-T Gangsta Rap 2006

sexy record sleeve tricky blowback 2001

The same year, electro band Poni Hoax from Paris released their first album, which featured a nude brunette with an owl. The record surprised people with its electro-rock sound and quickly asserted fame for the band in France and abroad. The album included the singles “She’s on the Radio” and “Budapest”. Budapest ranked in the “Top 100” of Pitchfork in 2006, and became a smash hit in clubs all over Europe. (Source Wiki).

sexy record sleeve poni-hoax 2006

Some bands seem to have made a recurrent them around sexy themes and record sleeves. It’s the case of  Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O who always feature nude models on their albums. Up to here, it didn’t make them famous.

sexy record sleeve Acid_Mothers_Temple_&_The_Melting_Paraiso_U.F.O._-_Myth_of_the_Love_Electrique 2006

sexy record sleeve Acid_Mothers_Temple_&_The_Melting_Paraiso_U.F.O._-_Minstrel of the galaxy

In 2013, former Oasis members Liam Gallagher, guitarists Gem Archer and Andy Bell, and drummer Chris Sharrock, formed a band called Beady Eye. The album (and subsequent single) artwork was designed by Trevor Jackson and features photographs by Harry Peccinotti, originally shot for NOVA Magazine. It was also banned in a few countries for showing a nipple. (Source Wiki).

sexy record sleeve 2013 BeadyEye

More recently, popular artists like The Weeknd (2011’s “House of Balloons” mixtape), Bat For Lashes (2012’s “Haunted Man”), Sky Ferreira (2013’s “Next Time, My Time”),  and Taylor Momsen with her band The Pretty Reckless (2014’s “Going to Hell”) all featured female nudity on their album covers. Ferreira went all the way to being herself topless on her album cover, which is pretty rare. Nicki Minaj is almost but naked on her album “Annaconda”, released in 2014. The thong she is wearing gets lost…

sexy record sleeves the weeknd house of balloons 2011

sexy record sleeves bat-for-lashes-the-haunted-man 2012

sexy recor sleeve sky ferreira nude cover

sexy record sleeves Taylor-Momsen_nude 2014


sexy record sleeve Nicki Minaj annaconda 2014


We can also observe that lounge music and mixes have continued the easy listening trend sexy album sleeves launched 30 years ago…

sexy record sleeve sense of trance 2012

While Wasnatch uses the humoristic angle of the sexy thing…

sexy record sleeve wasnatch front to back 2013

And singer Angelina took a retro angle for her 2013 album “Confidential”.

sexy record sleeve Angelina Confidential nip slip 2013

Finally, the band Alex Smoke goes further than anybody else with this unique montage of a male-female body that has both sexual organs clearly shown on their 2016 album cover, “Love Over Will”.sexy record sleeve alex smoke nude lover over will 2016

Can we bet this list will get longer?

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