Yet another great Montreal band that reached my ears thanks to the Xmas List of Poulet Neige! Rust Eden is a cool indie rock band that takes the time to build moods in which the listener gets slowly but surely hooked. Songs like Fancy Jam combine great style with hypnotic riffs that evokes the first Tame Impala albums.

The great thing with Rust Eden is their leader’s melodic talent: each song is very interesting to listen to, with catchy melodies and original arrangements. ABQN is a blend of 60s psychedelic rock and Damon Albarn (Gorillaz, Blur) lazy signing. Rust Eden switches to a darker mood on the next track, the mysteriously titled B # Yes. We can hear influences from NIN and Timber Timbre here and there, while the strong melodic angle brings thoughts of early Tame Impala and Malajube (Up Town).


There are a few tracks on this album that are instant winners. In their very first listening session, fans and neophytes should fall for the great rock riff of Billy, and again its Albarn feel. The very first track, All Good Things, is also a key moment of this opus, where melody and cool psyche arrangements really hit it home.

The band, formed in Parc Extension neighborhood around Alexandre Larin (guitars, keys and voice) and David Bastien (bass) who wrote all the songs together, has the great ability to deep dive into various sub-genres on “Apartment Green”, their second album on Chivi Chivi Records. Catelio is a more chaotic song, while the very next one, Sister, is way smoother. Étienne Broué (guitar), Marc-Antoine Sévégny (drums) and Benoit Parent (keyboards) complete the band. The songs were recorded at Studio B Hochelaga, in Montreal, and released May 6, 2016.

“Apartment Green” is a very solid record. Its 12 songs pile up for 41 minutes and offer inspired music all the way through. A band that is worth discovering ASAP.

rust eden album

Apartment Green
(Chivi Chivi, 2016)

-Genre: indie rock
-In the same genre as Malajube, Timber Timbre, early Pink Floyd

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