The 80s weren’t all keyboards and cold new wave music. Some of the sexiest music video clips were presented to general public, discovering Much Music: a 24/7 music TV network. Censorship got some of these clips, but a few very sexy ones became very famous.

The following top 5 music videos show lesbian seduction, topless nude slaves dancing around fire, bikers in a strip club, orgy with masked people, sex with a stranger and the sexiest transformation of an ordinary nerdy girl into an 80s style chick… Yes, those were the 80s!

5. ZZ TOP Legs

One of the biggest hits of the Texas trio ZZ TOP’s career was this energy blues rock single out of their 1983 album “Eliminator”. It reached #8 in the US and was remixed into dance versions. The music video was part of a series of 3, featuring the iconic 1933 Ford ZZ Top car and the “Eliminator” girls which intervened in various situations to either take advantage of a shy guy in a gas station (Gimme All Your Loving) or transform a nerdy waitress, actress Wendy Frazier, into a hot desirable chick, 80s style.


4. MOTLEY CRUE Girls Girls Girls

Hair metal band Motley Crue hits all the clichés in their music video Girls Girls Girls, released in May of 1987 : leather biker-rockers with attitude in a strip club, where all the hot girls dance to their song. It was shot at the The Seventh Veil on the Sunset Strip, although the band initially wanted the clip to take place at The Body Shop, an all-nude strip club.


3. LAURA BRANIGAN Self Control

One of the biggest hits of 1984 was sung by American singer Laura Branigan, initially recorded by Italian singer Raf a few months earlier, scoring a #1 in Italy. In the clip, Branigan goes to a club where she encounters a mysterious masked man that she follows to a mysterious orgy… The video, directed by Academy Award winning director William Friedkin (The Exorcist, The French Connection) was nominated for best music video at the AMA in 1985.


2. HELIX Rock You

Canadian heavy metal band Helix struck a minor hit with this song and its call-and-answer refrain which was a popular arena rock anthem in 1984. The clip was shot in Toronto and was the first heavy metal music video to get banned from MTV because of the nude women dancing around the fire, in a tribal reunion worshipping lead singer Brian Vollmer.


The same hard rock band had another XXX clip with this single!


1. DURAN DURAN The Chauffeur

The different videos have been made for this “Rio” song, by two different directors, although the song was never released as a single by the band. Some see in the topless dance an homage to Charlotte Rampling’s topless “Dance of the Seven Veils” in The Night Porter. “The Chauffeur” was the B-side of the “Rio” single, released in November of 1982.


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