I have been listening to Rush Midnight at a feverish pitch. Rush Midnight made up of Russ Manning hails from Brooklyn NY and truly makes great music that people can enjoy for it’s melodic vocals intertwined with great beats. It is a potpourri of new-wave, funk, dance, synth-pop, and progressive disco. I certainly wouldn’t classify this as a new singer/band. However it’s still fresh and relatively new.

Russ established  himself in Kings County Brooklyn and deserves attention from all music enthusiasts. The latest single to date which was released on  December 2nd 2014 called I’m going home is a mellow arrangement of cool sounds that meld together.  The vocals range in all different directions but find their proper place in this gem. It’s a bit different from their other singles but still very obvious that it’s the same crew producing this piece.

The song has been used for a John Hardy ad, featuring English fashion model Cara Delevingne.
You can also click on Russ’s photo on the top of the page to hear the complete song.

It’s highly recommended that you find yourself an area where upbeat people are prevalent,  there is a sofa available for you to relax in, a fine cup of coffee, room to dance, with or without someone, fast, slow, or a steady pace and so on and so forth… Basically it really encompasses a wide range of the listeners emotions.  So ultimately in a nutshell, whatever your mood, location, or just overall internal vibe you are feeling… The welcome mat is ever so present and will accommodate whatever you may be in need of.

I wanted to in addition add this great song and video named Crush courtesy of YouTube that is obviously based in the New York City subway. I have also entailed their most current single. Go to whatever music or video site you use and check out this. For your listening pleasure….

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