I did something people shouldn’t do before going to a concert. I envisioned a great show, maybe even as good as the 2005 White Stripes’ one. Will Butler’s “Policy” is simply excellent. I named it best album of 2015 (I know, I know, I’m a bit early).
It started with Matt Bauder and Hearing Things. All instrumental, the music is great and the guy exudes coolness. Heck even his drink is cool. At some point he introduces us to Colin Stetson, mentioning that he is the reason for him playing the Saxophone. We then get to hear both of them on stage. Beautiful.
I should’ve bought that 7” come to think of it.


While we wait for Will Butler to step on stage my friend Véronique and I take a good look at the crowd in the first rows. We’re not sure what to think. Something resembling more of a family reunion as Véronique would say. This might be the reason why it didn’t end up being the second greatest show. There wasn’t much dancing and screaming. No losing your mind to the music except for a few people next to us. Véro, tall and with heels, later told me the audience at the back of the venue were having much more fun. The problem is that many of the songs were unknown if you weren’t aware of Will Butler and The Guardian’s one song a day task. Playing only songs from the album just wasn’t possible considering it’s length.


Nevertheless Will Butler gave his all. The drummer definitely gave his all. Could’ve watched him drum all night actually. Towards the end Mr Butler sings to the crowd “Come on, surrender to me. I’ve been waiting a long time”. He even steps off stage and joins them. That’s when the crowd starts going crazy. Yay!!

Here’s Will Butler on David Letterman. You’ll get an idea.

When all is done Will Butler, a bit sweaty to put it mildly, thanks the crowd before leaving the stage. He’s a good guy. A generous guy.

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