Cambridge, Massachusetts band Darlingside have a beautiful mix of vocal harmonies, folk and electric guitars in their music. Auyon Mukharji, David Senft, Harris Paseltiner and Don Mitchell can bring energy or smoothness in the mix.

Their cover of Smashing Pumpkins’ hit 1979 has a seventies folk rock band feeling. Imagine Bread or, more recently Grand Archives, singing the Billy Corgan classic and you’ll have a good idea of Darlingside’s take on the song. Pumpkins covers are pretty rare, this one was carefully crafted.

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Darlingside decided not to have a lead singer. All four guys sing, all the time. “We moved away from a single lead vocalist and started gravitating towards singing in unison, passing the melody around, or harmonizing in four parts through an entire song” said cellist and guitar picker Harris Paseltiner on the band’s website. They do the same live and on record, producing a unified voice by clustering around a single condenser microphone and blending their voices in the room before they hit the mic.


These guys have a lot of spleen in their voice. It’s never exaggerated, though. They inject just the right dose of feeling to make their songs meaningful (Blow the House Down). The first song of their 5-track EP, The Ancestor, is a great mix of americana and folk music. You hear mandolines, acoustic and electric guitars supporting vocal harmonies. On Fourth of July, it’s a Crosby, Still, Nash & Young feel that we discover. The whole band sings the whole song, except for the soft bridge, before placing an energy ending. Think Grand Archives, Elvis Perkins, with a strong songwriting heritage, à la Simon & Garfunkel (Whippoorwill).

A beautiful discovery! A short and sweet EP that has no weaknesses. Darlingside is on the good side of things.

darlingside the ancestor

The Ancestor EP
(indépendant, 2015)

-Genre: Americana folk rock
-In the same style than Grand Archives, CSN&Y, Elvis Perkins

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Download this EP for free on Noise Trade here (tips suggested).

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