Hannah Georgas is a Canadian singer-songwriter based in Vancouver, which has been noticed in the last few years with Juno nominations. Both her first two albums were long-listed for the 2010 and 2013 Polaris prize. Her latest effort, “For Evelyn”, released June 24, 2016, on Dine Alone Records, might be the one that will make her break out to larger crowds.

Hannah Georgas makes quality pop. With a nice and soft voice à la Feist, she makes her way to the dance floor with class and emotion (Evelyn) and can create very efficient songs that will make you use the ‘repeat’ button. For me, it’s Crazy Shit that does it. A sexy song about a one-night love affair that puzzles the author who is torn between “last night, was really fucked up right?, I don’t even know why we did it” and “there’s something about you, when I’m around you, you make me want to do crazy shit”. As sexy as that song by Slove.

Other songs show different types of what great pop music can be. Waste has 80s bass with saxophone and hi-hat filled beat. Very catchy. Hannah Georgas’s pop style is closer to La Roux’s than Cyndi Lauper’s. She is creative with her arrangements, yet keeps most of her songs upbeat and danceable (Loveseat). On her previous album, the song Robotic was also a very cool one, à la Metric.

She does a few slower songs that aren’t as original (Walls) as the others but still showcase her beautiful voice. On these, she sounds a bit like Sarah McLaughlin (Lost Cause).

“For Evelyn” was named after her grandmother. In previous years, Hannah Georgas was in Kathleen Edwards tour band, and in 2014, she toured as an opening act for City and Colour throughout Europe and the United Kingdom.

Bigger things ahead for this talented singer songwriter.

Hannah Georgas for evelyn

For Evelyn
(Dine Alone, 2016)

-Genre: creative pop
-In the same style as Feist, La Roux, Metric

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