A few years ago, two girls from Montreal started posting some great tunes on YouTube and a lot of people paid attention. I definitely felt they would get snapped up by a label, do an album and go big. It was the only natural course, because of the raw talent and the viral factor of their videos. This hasn’t happened yet, but I feel like now is a good time to talk about them. A few weeks ago, a new release from this duo called Heartstreets surfaced on YouTube. Crawling South is one of their more polished songs to date, a sentimental ode to lost love and the mementos you hold onto, with a strong R&B rhythm at the core, many layers of synth and sweet intertwining lyrics from both ladies: Emme Beko and Gabrielle Godon. Watch it here:

If you enjoyed this, the good news is there is more to come: Crawling South will appear on a forthcoming debut EP by Heartstreets, which should arrive in this Spring.

Now for the intriguing part. At their beginnings, they produced a lot of songs which came with videos that went viral. I was looking for a particular song I loved (I cannot recall the title) to share with you on this blog, but a lot of their older videos no longer appear on their YouTube account. It was a great lip-dub type video, with various cool people singing lyrics to the song, walking down the streets, something super natural. It gathered a few hundred thousand view – no small feat. Maybe they felt this work was a little too immature to keep posted up while they are preparing an international release, but I enjoyed it tremendously. To get some sense of history on the ladies music and style, here is Under My Skin, a slightly more upbeat release from last year:

Still want to hear more? Listen to another song from 2014: Not Around, which best showcases the soulful voices of Gab and Emma, accompanied by a beautiful video shot in Colombia, Peru, India and Japan, as well as the duo’s home, our beloved city of Montreal. This is melancholy at its best.

If you like what you hear, you can pick up their newest singles in a few spots now. Check ’em out, and mark my words: they will do awesome. Soon.

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