Noir. The title explains it all. HEYMOONSHAKER’s new album is dark, angry, and oh so blues-y.

The duo redefines blues as it were. By mixing the raw voice with beatbox and blues arrangements, Andrew Balcon and Dave Crowe are settling in their own style with a heavy foot.

In general, the album is nostalgic, sad, sometimes full of rage. I could hear it from my ears to my stomach. It raises some deep feelings. You don’t even know what it’s about, or where it comes from, but you feel it right there in your belly. I had to scream along in a pillow so as to not raise my neighbor’s eye brows. But I had to do it!


The blues guitar licks take you straight to a wet French Quarter street in New Orleans. But don’t be fooled if you think you’ll hear Guitar Slim. Heymoonshaker is not traditional blues. The sentiment is there alright, but it’s definitely updated.

The vocal percussion add another level of raw element to the whole blues concept. Though some songs, such as Wheels in Motion remain in that hard-life-alcoholic-south vibe. Some strings and backup female vocals come to reinforce a certain pace in Feel Love and Take the Reins, taking it to an even more physical experience.

Mostly though, the album is cinematographic. I could picture it in The Walking Dead, in Sons of Anarchy, or other raw shows or movies such as these.

Because that’s what Noir is. Raw. Physical. Gutsy. Dirty. Gritty.

(Dify Records, 2015)

-Genre: Blues, Rock, Beatbox, Alternative

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