King Creosote is mainly Kenny Anderson, a 48-year-old musician born in Fife, a peninsula in eastern Scotland. He is also a member of Scottish-Canadian band The Burns Unit. Anderson is the type of musician that invests in his music. He takes time to install a mood, capture the listeners’ attention, before kicking in with folk-pop songs like Wake Up to This.

The album – his 20th in 13 years under various bands – starts with a 7-minute-long song (You Just Want) that slowly picks up pace. On the next one, Melin Wynt, bagpipe and violins set things up before a soft melody bring melancholy and beautiful spleen. Anderson’s voice, which sounds a bit like Elvis Perkins’ or John Darnielle (Mountain Goats) could benefit of being more present in the mix in the most upbeat songs to give them that extra punch. On the smoother Faux Call, we can fully appreciate his skills and tone. The presence of violins in songs like Betelgeuse enhances his folk songs in a unique way. In that sense, they evoke The Decemberists’ work.


He is very productive! Since 2003, he released 20 albums, 6 Eps, to which we can add 26 CD-R independent releases from 1998 to 2005. In 2011, Anderson’s collaborative album with Jon Hopkins, “Diamond Mine”, was nominated for the Mercury Prize and the Scottish Album of the Year Award. He launched Fence Records in 1995. He later teamed up with Domino Records to re-release his music.

Anderson’s brothers are also musicians: Ian Anderson (known as Pip Dylan) and Gordon Anderson (Lone Pigeon) – who is the lead singer and main songwriter with The Aliens. The three frequently collaborate at live shows and on album releases.

This is a quality album, made by an experienced musician. Fans of bands like Bears of Legend, The Decemberists and others in this style should definitely check out King Creosote’s work.


Astronaut Meets Appleman
(Domino Records, 2016)

-Genre: rich folk
-In the same style as Bears of Legend, Elvis Perkins, Crowded House, The Decemberists

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