Before I start on Mr Lafarge’s latest album. Please take a look at this clip. His last show in Montreal. Was present. Had beer spilled on by someone next to me. Don’t regret a drop of it.

Ok. Now to the album.

Came home from a 3pm to 11pm shift to a nice little present. Something in the Water by Pokey Lafarge. After a few songs, realizing how this could be my favorite album of his, poured myself a small glass of whisky (Aberfeldy, 12 years). Just to be appropriate, you know.

There is a noteworthy difference about this album. He’s taking more liberties with his voice. More of him here maybe because of this? As soon as the first song starts, “Something in the Water”, you feel it with the vibrato. (great song but not crazy about the clip below)

He sings nasally the lyrics “from the underground, can’t you hear that sound?” on this next song. Love it.

Of course most of the songs are of his creation. Definitely a lot of him in this. Only, it’s hard to tell for some of us that don’t know much about ragtime, country blues, jazz and western swing (the 20th century’s first half).

Another wonderful aspect of his music, his musicians get to play many solos. Therefore producing beautiful live performances. Do not go buy beer while Ryan Koenig is playing the harmonica. Just sayin’.

We’ll be seeing Pokey Lafarge and his band at the Club Soda July 4th for the Jazz Fest. Hard to say if it’s going to be anything like the Petit Campus. I enjoy the Club Soda but the Petit Campus is hard to beat. One thing’s for sure. I’ll be in the first rows. Be there or be square!

Ok. Gotta go to bed. Finished my glass of whisky.




Something in the Water
(Rounder Records, 2015)

– Genre: Old jazz, ragtime, country blues, etc…
– He’s from another century. First half of the 20th century. In that style.

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