Imagine a band fronted by Chrissie and Siouxsie sharing vocals, Hooky on bass and a supporting cast capable of delivering surf-punk-jazz-funk-agit-pop-a-roll.

Now listen to Priests debut album ‘NOTHING FEELS NATURAL’.

It’s one thing to be able to sound like a whole different bunch of bands making a whole different bunch of sounds. The trick is to make a sound of your own.

Washington D.C.’s Priests deliver on both fronts.


In an age of completely and utterly totally overblown awesomely brilliant over-hype where everything’s the best thing since sliced bread and you just can’t get enough of it and it has to last forever and ever and go on and on and on and on ad infinitum over and over again…………………………………………………..

‘Anything you want, anyway you want, anything you want, anyway you want. Anyway, anyway, anyway.’

Priests know better and deliver 33 manic minutes.

They come, they see, they conquer, and are gone before you can draw breath leaving you gagging for more.

“No words. No big bang. No words. No big bang. NO.BIG.BANG.”

Don’t believe them.

Priests have plenty to say, and make a big big bang.

Betcha can’t play them just once.

Nothing Feels Natural
(Sister Polygon – 2017)

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