Montreal, June 9th, 2015 – Wow, what a year it has been! When I launched a year ago, I didn’t think I’d be met with such great response, and meet such great people. The music industry embraced my project without hesitation on day One, providing concert tickets and albums to review. Major and independent distributors, world-wide and local labels, and PR agencies (see 70+ list here) are sending us over 200 albums per month to review! Overwhelmed is not a strong enough word to describe my feeling and the incentive this has generated is tremendous!

The RREVERB adventure generated some new friendships and great exchanges among music-lovers across the world. Enthusiastic writers from Montreal (Quebec, Canada) raised their hand to join the project, and soon, the word spread to New York City (USA), Stockholm (Sweden), Guayaquil (Ecuador) and partnerships were formed with other music brands in Paris (France), Liège (Belgium) and Sao Paolo (Brazil)!

Our team has published 900 articles in its first year, recommended and attended to 200 concerts and assembled 40 playlists. 60,000 unique visitors came to, generating over 145,000 pages views in year one. All loved music as much as we do.

Let me present the new members of this incredibly talented team (the 12 original writers’ bio can be found here).


The launching of the English version of RREVERB, in March of 2015, was a must to continue our growth. Anglophone readers now represent 20% of all visitors, after only 3 months.

rr andre rich julie

ANDRE PAPANICOLAOU is a Montreal-based singer/songwriter, producer, touring and session guitarist (Vincent Vallières, Daran, Pascale Picard Band, Patrice Michaud). He brings to RREVERB a unique point of view: that of a professional musician.

RICHARD KRETSCHMER has resided in the borough of Brooklyn followed by the trendy rural area of The beautiful Catskill mountains for close to 39 years. His undying love and dedication of NYC is unparalleled. He is an avid traveler and absorbs the cultural sense of people and their heritage.

JULIE GODON is from this generation that went from listening to vinyl, to creating mixtapes on cassettes, right through the iPod, and so on. She took part in the launch of Radiolibre, Quebec’s first music streaming service and in 2006 started, a francophone MP3 store. She spent 10 years looking after over 80 Canadian radio websites and has a ticket stub diary of over 300 shows.

rr colette china

COLETTE SCHRYBURT, aka COCO JAZZ. Her passion for jazz is deeply rooted. Enthralled by a vast spectrum that brings diversity and discoveries from old school to the up and coming scene, she’s always on the lookout for new artists and musicians’ collaborations. Transmitting her love of jazz via her Tuesday night radio show Coco Jazz on CKVL 100,1 FM and now articles on

CHINA MARSOT-WOOD is an avid concert-goer since she saw The White Stripes in 2005. She decided last fall to share those experiences in her personal blog. She is happy to join the RREVERB team to further share her love of the music scene.

rr galileo max

GALILEO GRIFFIN is a singer-songwriter that has travelled the world collecting all kinds of music along the way. Originally from Australia, she now resides in Stockholm, Sweden, where she presents a weekly world music radio program and haunts various concerts, open mic nights and jam sessions in this creative city.

MAX COMEAU Intensely passionate about music, Max is in constant search for new sounds yet he never tires of his idols whom he calls his “Pillars”. A musician himself, he released, as singer-songwriter, an album with The Calm in 2007 and, in June of 2015, will be releasing his first solo album, “You”.


A new partnership has been built with the Brazilian website NA MIRA DA GROOVE led by TIAGO FERREIRA, a Brazilian journalist who likes experimental music, jazz, avant-garde and hip hop, and also feels thrilled by artists such as Aretha, Ella, Elis, Nina, Otis, Marley, Bowie, Miles… He manages the press office service Na Mira Assessoria.

Tiago Ferreira translates some of our articles on his site, in Portuguese, while we publish some of his in English on RREVERB. This unique partnership helps both sites reach new audience.

rreverb tiago ferreira


New French writers have joined the team recently. In addition to Benoit Bergeron, Guy Dubé, Nadine Mathurin, Vanessa Hauguel, Karl-Philip Marchand Giguère, Martin Curadeau, Jean-François Richard, Monsieur Seb, and Nebojsa Adzic (see news release here), 4 new writers have raised their hand and now are included in the French team, based in Montreal. Here are a few words (in French) on their path.

rreverb 4 new french

GUILLAUME CLOUTIER Non content d’être un boulimique du rock et un obsédé du jazz, Guillaume s’adonne également à l’étude de la musique, et passe ses temps libres à l’enseigner et à en jouer avec son groupe de rock psychédélique Electric Junk.

AMIRA CHERIET Artiste depuis toujours (chanteuse et danseuse professionnelle), Amira est copropriétaire d’IN VIA, une compagnie musicale à deux volets: un studio d’enregistrement et des spectacles.

CAROLINE THÉRIAULT – Qu’on parle du rock des années 70, du punk 90 ou de l’électro d’aujourd’hui, ce sont surtout les gens derrière la musique qui fascinent Caro. Des chanteuses overdosées aux guitaristes Don Juan, en passant par les groupes en éternel conflit et les génies incompris, écouter leurs albums prend tout son sens quand elle connait leur histoire.

MANUEL GAGNEBIN Conservatoire en théâtre en suisse, travaille en cirque, danse et bien sûr musique. À la fois metteur en scène, comédien, enseignant, scénariste… Pourvu que ça change le plus souvent. Ce qui le fascine, c’est le mélange, dans ce qu’il voit, boit et écoute.


In the last few days, RREVERB reporters Nadine Mathurin and Rich Kretschmer were able to cover the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona and Patrick Watson’s concert in Brooklyn, extending our concert coverage outside of Canada for the first time!

primavera 2015 interpol

Interpol at Primavera 2015


RREVERB continues to regroup music enthusiasts from around the world who are eager to share their passion and discoveries. To me, comparing the point of view of a Brazilian writer on a famous album, considering his/her background and culture with an American’s angle, is truly fascinating. If the hat fits, don’t hesitate to contact us.

In its second year, RREVERB will create offline events: listening parties, radio shows, special events and a lot of articles and playlists! We will also consolidate our presence on online radio stations like Rdio, Spotify and to reach music lovers where they are.

Stay tuned!

rreverb nicolas pelletier

Nicolas Pelletier
Founder and editor-in-chief, RREVERB

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