Now, this is an interesting album. I found it a bit by accident as I always throw all new albums we receive at RREVERB into a random mix in my cell to listen to when I commute to work (Yes, I do work. Can’t just listen to albums all day – although this would be paradise!). When I notice great songs, I check out the artist’s or band’s name and then listen to the whole album to review it, when fully concentrated.

Lately, I’ve been checking a few times my iPhone after thinking “who’s that?” when hearing great songs. And many times, it was signed “Dan San“. Probably like you, I had no clue who was Dan San. Never heard the name, although the voice sounded somehow familiar. I had the same great feeling inside of me listening to his latest album “Shelter” that I had with Girls in Hawaii or The Helio Sequence (both in my top albums of recent years). And guess what, Dan San is from Liège, in Belgium, therefor becoming the latest addition to the great list of bands from that country (dEUS, My Cheap Little Dictaphone, Girls in Hawaii, Balthazar…). I’ll need to visit Liège one day, to explore their music scene.


Like these bands, Dan San makes the kind of music that is smooth but deep, that is personal but not too emo. I guess we could trace their influences in the alternative pop movement of the late 90s with Radiohead’s and Travis’ albums. Dan San’s music is rich, well arranged with many tracks of vocals blended together to create soft harmonies (Ocean). On this front, Dan San sounds a bit like Lost in the Trees, another band I really appreciate. The album was produced by Yann Arnaud and released on November 26, 2015. Hope it reached new ears in America.

“Shelter” is the 3rd album by Dan San. It is filled with 11 three-minute songs that have one-word titles. Dream, Seahorse, The Call, America are all songs that go smoothly through your ears, stick in your brain, make it tangle nicely. The kind of music you listen to with your loved one in a tender moment, or just driving to your next vacation destination.

The type of music that is always soothing for the soul and mind. The type of music I need, close to me.

(Jaune Orange, 2016)

-Genre: indie pop
-In the same vibes as Girls in Hawaii, Bears of Legend, Lost in the Trees

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