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Le FME. It’s an 8h trip to Rouyn-Noranda from Montreal. Slept 8 hours or so. The first show is Syzzors on the exterior stage of the Agora des arts. Lead singer Raphaelle Chouinard gives it her all. Also has a great voice. Except maybe for those last couple of seconds before the next verse when she often takes a big breath of air. But who cares right? The crowd is enjoying the performance.




By the time the set is over I need a nap, still a bit run-down from the trip. Doldrums was set to play but I‘ve seen them before, I don’t hate myself for missing it. My motel, where some of the media stays, is quite a walking distance from the town’s center. All good though, the FME created a shuttle service for media (artists also I would guess) staying outside the main quarters.

Back in my room, sleep one hour and take a shuttle back. Don’t want to miss anything else. Arrive maybe 20 minutes before Puts Marie is set to play at the Cabaret de la dernière chance. A beautiful venue with much history. Don’t really know what to expect with this band. While waiting I meet two Rouyn natives. One works for the government and the other for a mining company. They are very nice so I keep myself from asking if they’ve seen the excellent documentary L’Or des autres about the mining industry in the area.

Puts Marie starts. Am enjoying this. The singer Max Usata has a nasal voice, might have a speach problem, seems very drunk and acts like he doesn’t care. Am having a blast.


The stage is too small for the second set of drums. Played therefore on the floor among the crowd.

At some point he introduces us to a song. “Obituary”. Tells us it’s about death. “First comes love, then comes death at a…” doesn’t finish his sentence and takes a pause before starting the song.

Next is Les Marinellis at the Basement PTVN. Not only is their music excellent, they know how to put a show. Will explain whatever I remember as if I’ve never seen a live act of theirs before (because I’ve never seen a live act theirs before). Singer Cedric Marinelli winks to people, there’s always eye contact, he spits beer on the crowd, he moons us, he steps off stage and sings among us. Even lies on his stomach while singing. The crowd also spits beer on stage. He tries his best to swallow the stream. Have I told you the music is great?


2am. Time for bed on this first day. See you tomorrow!

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