«Je vais me claquer les tunes de Richard Séguin esti. Pas besoin de ça.» whispered my friend as we were watching perform Charles-Antoine Gosselin. Many of my friends will diss francophone music because to them it all sounds the same. Guitar, voice and the emphasis on the lyrics. That is not reality though. I believe there are many francophone musicians out there that are doing something different. What we saw yesterday at the Francouvertes finals did not help change this perception that many of us have. Unfortunately.

I’m not saying the Francouvertes is a bad thing. The Francouvertes is great. It helps give visibility to musicians we would have otherwise not heard of. Only, the ones I appreciated, the ones offering something different, didn’t end up in the finals. I would have liked to have seen Rosie Valland. Samuele also. Yokofeu or even the Urban Indians (now Artifice Palace).

Am not the only who believes there is a need for change. The public is quite knowledgeable. My friends participated this year. Nicole is the name of their band. The comments received from the crowd after their performance was very positive and if not positive, very constructive in their criticism. I truly believed they were going to advance to the next round. Unfortunately they didn’t. And it just makes me wonder.

Another example is the « prix du public ». Where we can all vote online for our favorite performer. This year, the public has voted for Rymz.

Having said that, am pleased to see that the grand prize has been awarded to Dylan Perron et Élixir de Gumbo. Traditionnal music played by very talented musicians.

As for the two other participants that night. They might be talented but «c’est tout le temps la même esti d’affaire». I’m quoting my friend again.

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