It’s astonishing how some people just have it all! Joss Stone is a beautiful looking woman. A million dollar smile, gorgeous hair… The moment she walked on stage at the Metropolis, the room lit up. What a beauty!
And then she sang. What a voice. It’s so big, so black, so soulful, it’s almost surprising it comes out of such a small woman so effortless.

Joss Stone wasn’t sure her fans would appreciate her recent move to reggae… Her trademark is powerful songs full of soul… She warned us, with her big smile but showing some doubt, that there would be new songs, a new mood, that she’d hope we’d like… And after one pop soul song, off we were in the syncope rhythm of reggae with Lovely.

Right after the song, she looked at the crowd, not sure… “One done… That’s scary shit… Will I have the balls to do another one?” The beauty was out of her zone, for once in her stellar career. But Joss Stone continued with another reggae song, Mollytown. All evening, she switched from slow soul songs to reggae beats, enjoying the moment. Fans were happy when she pushed the note and screamed her heart out, others were grooving to the reggae beats.

Her musicians were good, especially the guitarist Stephen Down and the two background singers Michelle John and Sharon White, but they were all playing too loud. It sometimes sounded like everybody was cranking up a nudge because they couldn’t hear themselves, then the other would do the same and so on, until our ears bled. Unnecessary.

Sensuous, sexy, authentic, generous, looking happy and grateful to music for making her live the life she’s had, since breaking out at 16, Joss Stone is on top of her game. For once, the pop singer is exploring unknown territory, maybe not getting the response she’d like from fans (who expect always the same stunts and high notes), but following where her musical heart is telling her to go. And that’s the way musicians should always go.

I personally think Joss Stone has a great reggae voice. I say, pursue the path! Go girl.

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(photo: Nico Pelletier, RREVERB)

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