The first of two albums dealing with all things arcane and esoteric, on their fourth album together Ripley Johnson (guitars) and Sanae Yamada (keys) as Moon Duo present a consistently entertaining collection of hook-laden cosmic jams .

As well as the occult, the albums are, apparently, influenced by the Chinese concept of yin and yang, darkness and light. Vol.1is the dark album recorded in the winter months in the Pacific Northwest yet still offers a melodic sensibility that allows as much light as dark into proceedings.


From the opening track ‘The Death Set’ and its BRMC shuffle this is an album of grungy psychedelic funk married to machines that delivers hypnotic results, and a metronomic momentum is sustained throughout.
Krautrock, glamrock, postrock, goth-rock; all get a nod and the epic 10 minute closer ‘White Rose’provides a suitably mesmeric denouement that leaves one looking forward in anticipation to next month’s Vol.2.


Occult Architecture vol. 1
(Sacred Bones Records – 2017)

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