Written primarily in hotel rooms and then sent around the world as a series of sonic postcards for others to stamp their personalities on, could have resulted in Pieta Brown’s latest album ‘Postcards’ being a disjointed mess. Instead, Brown and guests that include Mark Knopfler, David Lindley and Calexico deliver an album of simplicity and honesty that charms and beguiles with its haunting beauty.

A predominantly mid-tempo collection addressing the touring musician’s lot, the subtle, hypnotic grace of the ten breathily purred songs gently insinuate their hooks guaranteeing your return again and again.

“Rosine’s” woodwinds, the twin delights of Brown’s banjo and Carrie Rodrigue’s fiddle on ’Stopped my Horse’, the bubbling, bustling, bottleneck-driven ‘Station Blues’ and the infectious ‘How Soon’ are all highlights: the glue that makes the album stick.

Perfect for a lethargic Sunday morning or a languid Saturday night.




(Lustre – 2017)

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