A new online music magazine is born: RREVERB.com. Founded by Nicolas Pelletier, former editor-in-chief of the Sympatico.ca portal enMusique.ca and a music critic since 1991, RREVERB focuses on music that moves people and stands the test of time.

“High quality music is timeless. We connect with it. We see ourselves in it. It expresses something meaningful, personal. It evokes emotions and eras. Good music is constantly being rediscovered. It becomes part of who we are and seems to belong to us,” says the founder and music lover. “I decided to continue to showcase the musical gems that I discover among today’s music, while also highlighting vintage music that’s worth discovering all over again.”


At RREVERB, reviews and videos from Pink Floyd, Morrissey or Joe Pass will be alongside those featuring Bon Iver, Salomé Leclerc or Leif Vollebekk. New releases are blended with classic albums (“Grands crus”) and rare gems to discover (“Perles rares”). All genres are included: from 60s jazz scene to intimate folk of the 2010s, RREVERB’s journalists will please our readers with best souvenirs from the 80s and deep diving into electronic music.

At RREVERB, the best pop stars rub shoulders with underground musicians, those from different cultures and from past eras. Some visitors to the site will feel they are among old friends; others will find themselves introduced to artists they hardly know.

Great music comes in many different styles. RREVERB’s team of passionate music lovers is excited to present high-quality artists, discs, songs, clips and playlists, all with the objective of stirring and captivating readers.

RREVERB acts as a guide through the jungle of all recorded and live music. Nicolas Pelletier, its founder and editor-in-chief, receives over 1,500 albums every year, listens to them all and reviews over 300. For more than a decade, he also has been covering more than 100 concerts per year, through les FrancoFolies, le Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, le Festival International Nuits d’Afrique, Osheaga, le Festival International de Reggae de Montréal, Pop Montréal, le Festival du Monde Arabe, M pour Montréal, Montréal en lumière, Under the Snow, le Festival Multi-Montréal, and so on.

The team of writers joining the project will soon be announced!

RREVERB is a accessible to both the casual listener and the most discerning music lover, all within a dynamic site that blends images, words and – of course – music!

Huge thank you to Guy Dubé :: gdube.com :: for branding and designing the logo.

Enough talk: Visit RREVERB.com, read, listen and be moved!


Nicolas Pelletier
Founder and editor-in-chief


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