Among the most passionate people about music are those who work in the music industry: at labels, as press relation people, as concert promoters, as booking agents, as managers, as music critics, and so on. RREVERB proposes to its readers a series of interviews with passionate music artisans.
Today, we meet…


What’s your name, what’s your role in the company you are presently working at, and since when are you working there? Where are you from and where do you live now?

  • Florian Zimmer
  • producer/ musician at Driftmachine (Umor rex), Saroos (Alien Transistor)
  • Working freelance as  promoter / friendly ghost mainly  for morr music, alien transistor 
  • Hometown : Berlin

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When have you started to work in the music business?
As promoter around 2002.

At what age have you started to love music?
After receiving a compact radio cassette player along with tapes by Beatles and Rolling Stones when I was 10

When you were 20, what was your dream (in the music world)?
Touring and recording

Have you ever been a musician? Tell us about your career
In my teens playing drums kind of SST socialized 😉
Continued making music recording – touring  with various bands like iso68 , Lali Puna, Jersey and still do so with Saroos & Driftmachine.


Do you live from it?

Is it still possible to make a living with music today? What do you need to do to make ends meet?
Yes – depending on your needs 😉  – Patience,!

Who did you meet in your musical path that was key to your development / success?
All the people I’ve been making music with, introduced me to music / records, organizing shows

What do you like about your current position?
Connecting people, being flexible and able to keep on making music, touring.



Which great personal goal have you not achieved yet?
Making music all my life- not finished yet , but working on it 🙂

Vinyl, cassette, CD or digital?


What are your preferred music genres? Was it always the case through your life?
Actually I’m listening to kind of everything that is interesting. Could be because of production or it connects / touches me somehow. That was not always like that – as a teen I was much more only listening to punk / hardcore – a lot of other music I wouldn’t  have touched – simply of being kind of narrow minded

On a desert island you bring those 5 albums (no more!)
Right now I’d take these:

  • Mark Hollis: S/T
  • Charles Cohen: The Middle Distance
  • Broadcast : Tender buttons
  • The Scientist: The Best Dub Album In The World
  • Amanar: Allghafiat


Who is the friendliest artist/music celebrity you’ve met?
Too many to mention

The least? Why?
This has to stay inside the bus

Who would you like to meet? What would you tell/ask them?
Unfortunately not possible any more, but I think it could have been interesting to meet D.Boon of The Minutemen

Thanx Florian!

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