The Garden is a duo band consisted of the Fletcher Twins, Wyatt & Shears from Orange County CA. Call it punk rock, or electric punk, call it whatever the f*** u want, it’s Vada Vada!

Earlier in 2017 The Garden released their latest EP named “u want the scoop?” through Epitaph Records and following their release had the chance to meet them prior to their sold out show at Scala in London and talk their music, style, fun facts and touring.

Since 2011 The Garden have debuted “The Life and Times of a Paperclip” through Burger Records on July 2013 and after having released numerous EP’s and Singles through Burger records, they got signed by the legendary Epitaph records, through which they released their 2nd full length album “Haha”.

Their sound and style is unique and distinct with lots of energy and fast paced songs. Punk wouldn’t really be enough as a term to describe the energy and the intensity of their music or live performances, nor would be enough to include all the different elements they tend to combine both musically and aesthetically in their videos. They are unfolding another shade of punk rock, one from their own perspective, one that is hard to resist to.

Here’s what happened in the interview!


The Garden – U want the scoop?
(Epitaph Records, 2017)

-Genre : Vada Vada !

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