Human beatbox Dave Crowe and fellow guitarist and singer Andy Balcon wanted to make our lives better at the Heineken Place tonight at the Montreal Jazz Fest, and they succeeded, based on the warm reception they’ve had with the crowd.

For the first 10 minutes of the concert, Bacon’s electric guitar wasn’t sounding as great as it should have, therefore not delivering the power expected from the two-man band. Once he got on the acoustic National steel 6-stringer, things went way better! Energy came through the speakers and he could level his partner’s energetic performance at the beat.

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(Photo: Nico Pelletier)

It isn’t the most obvious format to bring out energy. The Black Keys do it, but with a full drum-kit and powerful riffs. Heymoonshaker rely on two musicians who sing and beat their hearts out, and that was very appreciated by the crowd. Theatrical character Crowe meets gravely-voice Balcon… Man both these guys have incredible voices but very different from one another.

HEYMOONSHAKER played at the Heineken Place on July 6, 2016, part of the Montreal Jazz Festival.

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Top photo by Gwen Mint, from the band’s official Facebook fan page

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