On this 22nd June, Spoon made their first appearance in Montreal since opening for Arcade Fire last August at Parc Jean-Drapeau. Being the main act this time around allowed them to apologize for not playing long enough when they were last here, make a vow to come more often and then regal their real fans a with a long set that went through the entire span of their 1996 to now musical career. And God, did the fans love them for it.

Théâtre Corona was a great choice of venue for this band, small enough to enjoy an intimate experience with great sound and really good viewpoints at the balcony. The stage setup: 4 large white canvasses stretched out behind the band, a blank canvas allowing for simple Chinese shadow and lighting effects that really enhanced the entire set without being overly flashy. Simple and effective, just as their music often is.

John Britt Daniel was looking tall and windswept. Huge ventilators blasted at him to keep the place cool, as he churned out an exceptionally well rendered set, his voice at times powerful, sometimes angry but mostly right-on-tune, as for the rest of the band members. Most of the set concentrated on the lastest four (out of eight) albums: Gimme Fiction (2005), lots of Ga Ga Ga Ga (2007), little from Transference (2010) and lots from the excellent latest They Want My Soul, one of my top albums from 2014.

Strong moments from the show were The Ghost of You Lingers, with a sea-like stage effect accompanying this beautifully staccato-ed piano-driven song. For their most famous song: Do You, all instruments, mirror ball and stroboscopes went into full swing as my camera ran out of space to provide you a pearl. But oh dear readers, did I make up for it by catching on my low-level lens a good part of I Turn My Camera On for your viewing enjoyment:

Biggest highlight of the evening for me was in the encore, with a song that was only just released for the soundtrack of the new Poltergeist movie. Sound cheezy but it’s not. It’s a cover of the Cramps’ “TV Set,” which sounded just like a Spoon-Cramps mashup should: like a reverb-drunk rockabilly satellite careening through space. It made every single one of my bones twitch.

The entire set list:

Rainy Taxi
Don’t Make Me A Target
The Ghost of You Lingers
I Summon You
Do You?
Rent I Pay
The Beast and Dragon, Adored
They Want My Soul
Don’t you Evah
Inside out
I Turn My Camera On
Got Nuffin
Black Like Me
The Encore:
The Way We Get By
Knock Knock Knock
TV SET (The Cramps cover)
The Underdog

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