If you are a long-time music lover, you sometimes, but pretty rarely get heartstruck. This happened to me yesterday with Let It Happen, the new track to Tame Impala‘s yet-to-be-announced new album. They released the song for free on their Facebook and Twitter page two days ago and it has been spreading like wildfire since. A couple of hours post-download, I wrote this tweet:

One day post-listening-on-an-infinite-loop, I sat down to write this article to recommend you follow the link and download it for yourself. It’s an epic song clocking in at 7:51 minutes, with Tame Impala’s signature psychedelic groove but surprisingly, none of the guitars, and a middle section that has Kevin Parker pressing the loop button like a stuck CD skipping. You never thought you would enjoy such a noise but it is so endearingly incorporated into a glorious whole that I promise you will.

An introvert and a perfectionist, Kevin Parker is the songwiter, composer and singer to Australia’s Tame Impala. Their last album, Lonerism was released three years ago with claims of them being modern-day Revolver-era Beatles, masterfully using new music recording technologies. Lately, Parker collaborated on three songs for Mark Ronson’s Uptown Special album, which got him noticed by a more mainstream audience but provided no hits other than the glorious song Uptown Funk (featuring Bruno Mars). My hope is that unlike Ronson’s, the future Tame Impala album will live up to this song and provide more hooky delights.

They also announced they will be playing at Montreal’s Metropolis on 20th May 2015.

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