Indie hard punk rockers TRSTSS have put out a solid 4-song EP last autumn where we sense influences from power alt-rock à la Strokes (Problems) and deeper Velvet Underground lofi garage art style.

On Boomerang, the album opener, rhythm guitars sound like the VU’s on songs like Beginning to See the Light, before fuzzier effects come in to crank up the energy level at the refrain. No No No No sounds like a blend of shoegazing rock à la Mudhoney with early 2000 snooty indie rock grit that bands like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah would give off.


Singer Philippe Lavoie has attitude and panache to lead the band where it needs to go: directly into your ears, so the listeners’ brains make his/her body move frenetically, as his/her internal energy cranks up and bursts.

The Montreal based band was formed in 2014. Freidereich Nogarède plays guitar, Jean-Philippe Bourgeois bass, Jean-Philippe Godbout is on drums, and Philippe Lavoie growls. These 4 songs were mixed and mastered by Ryan Battistuzzi, famous for his studio work with Malajube, Yesterday’s Ring, We Are Wolves and Les Breastfeeders as guest musician or producer.

trstss ep

Problems – EP 1
(indépendant, 2015)

-Genre: Indie hard punk rock
-Recommended if you appreciate The Strokes, Mudhoney, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

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