At RREVERB, we have the great honor of reading Andre Papanicolaou’s thoughts on life, and views on the music business, in the eyes of the professional guitarist he is. In 2015, he launched a new album which got great reviews: “Strange Nights“. Today, he shares the music he appreciated the most in 2015.

1. TAME IMPALA: Currents

21st century psychedelia at its finest. These tripped-out boys from down under have done their homework and know how to make us move to their Dali-esque music.

2. RYAN ADAMS: 1989

A stunning reinterpretation of Taylor Swift’s hit record. Adams shows us how a well written song can exist in more than just one style. Bubble gum bliss for the Springsteen geeks out there.

(Note: check out the GQ interview where Adams and Swift chat about music writing together!)

3. FATHER JOHN MISTY: I Love You Honeybear

Josh Tillman’s latest non-sequitur poetic escapade into west-coast 70’s canyon rock. A must.

4. COURTNEY BARNETT: Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit

Following her breakout hit “Avant Gardner” are a collection of great slacker-girl rock anthems.

5. SUFJAN STEVENS: Carrie & Lowell

A master of mood and melody, Stevens’ latest does not disappoint.

6. MY MORNING JACKET: The Waterfall

Stoner rock for the crowd. Following up their amazing “Circuital”, MMJ are back to push their melodies drenched in fuzz and reverb even further. Definitely near the top of my list.

7. WILCO: Star Wars

Tweedy and co., surprised us all by announcing this record on the net the same day as its release. Not their finest record, but definitely one that grows on you quickly.

8. NATHANIEL RATLIFF & THE NIGHT SWEATS: Nathaniel Ratliff & The Night Sweats

If you liked Alabama Shakes as much as well…everyone else, you need this record.

9. BEACH HO– — USE: Depression Cherry

Melancholia never felt better than with this Baltimore duo.

10. KENDRICK LAMAR: To Pimp a Butterfly

I first got into Lamar after hearing “Backtreet Freestyle”. Extremely well produced hip hop with a lot of smarts behind it.

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Andre Papanicolaou is a Montreal-based singer/songwriter, producer, touring and session guitarist. Over several years of recording and touring with other artists (Vincent Vallières, Daran, Pascale Picard Band, Patrice Michaud), Papanicolaou began to carry around a notebook and write down a series of essays. He brings to RREVERB a unique point of view: the one of a professional musician.