Don’t be fooled by their small amount of gear and their minimal set up, the duo behind HEYMOONSHAKER sounds as big as a roaring monster truck!

I jumped at the opportunity to be at their show in Theatre Outremont last week, after already being hooked on their music. Yes, I’m a fan… Or a groupie from what I just re-read, but I’m ok with it!

I took an insane amount of notes, photos and videos, so I could share all this in details with you. And guess what? My phone didn’t sync. There pop my notes. *insert the fail cartoon sound wha wha wha whaaaaa*

But fear not, although my words now are just a mere recollection of feelings based on the videos I took, the idea is there and you will want to go see them live.


Their album, Noir, already blew me away the first time I heard it, I had to see them live. And, just as the album makes you sit straight up and say “oh” when you first put on your headphones, the live set starts with an “oh” that makes you listen closer.

These two average-sized guys emanate the biggest sound from a single guitar and two mouths. Andrew’s voice is raw and grainy, yet pure. He plays his guitar with clarity yet it’s aggressive and rough at the same time. All this while Dave blows everyone’s mind with his human beatbox as if he’d swallowed a dusty drum machine.


The show took place in the small room at the Outremont Theater. The sound was great, not too loud, not too low, clear vocals, clear instrument. They don’t need much to sound great, though! Only problem was the visibility as the stage is not so high up and if you’re at the back you can’t see much.

The crowd was diverse in age, which was interesting as the duo’s sound sometimes borderlines a pretty heavy vibe. There was even a kid there, who was nicely given a CD by Dave at the end of the show.


Their humour was one of the most attaching part of the show beside the music. Their connection to the public was prodigious not only while they played, but also in between songs. Dave would banter and talk as if he knew everyone well. You can tell they know each other well as Andrew would give him the room to chat, occasionally making clever remarks himself. Then they would go back to this full sound and people couldn’t help but groove.

The show was fluid, the songs went well from one to another, and they each got some quite sensational solo times to break the rhythm.

All that to say that if they come your way, don’t even hesitate for a second, and if you can stick around to say hello, they’re the sweetest, most approachable people!



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