Three sets that evening. The first set was cute. The second set played with its heart and the last set played with its brain.

The first set: Scully. A four member band from New York. Cute but not because of their looks, or maybe a little bit (am not immune).


Sugar coated music with an edge. A mixture of innocence and punk.
Check out their latest album below.

Enjoy when the girls sing in unison. Also when it gets loud on the instruments. After the first few songs, lead singer Courtney introduces us to Henry who’s been moving around the floor with his phone taking pictures. He has an Airbnb and they’ve been staying with him. Moment mignon.

Since they were first and played on scheduled time, the place wasn’t packed yet. It’s also a Monday. As the set was nearing its end, Courtney had some problems with her guitar and was looking at La Luz band members, near the stage, for support. Keyboardist Alice Sandahl consequently started doing the robot to the beat of the music. This was their last show with La Luz.

The next set: Michael Rault. Boy was I glad when he stepped on stage. Was at the bar next to a couple on a date and the guy couldn’t stop talking, I felt for the girl.


Michael Rault was excellent. I might be wrong, but what I heard was a sound from the southern States, even though he’s from Edmonton and now living in Toronto.
We don’t have enough of that music in Montreal. It’s missing in my life.*
It’s hard to explain why am reminded of the south. Maybe because he sings from deep inside. The heart I guess. There’s no detachment.
Maybe because of the lyrics? Almost naive.

As soon as the set ends I go buy his latest release on vinyl, Living Daylight. A quarter is all I have left afterwards. No more beer for me.

The third set, although good, is completely different. There’s no singing from the guts. It’s the brains. La Luz. Now that I think of it, didn’t like it as much. Alice Sandahl is adorable though, dancing along to the beat of the music.


The band, from Seattle, is influenced by Californian surf music. It’s not bad. Only I lose interest after a while. Sorry.

I propose you still take a look at the clip below. You might enjoy. We all don’t have the same taste in music.



* Please let me know if am wrong about not having enough of that type of music in Montreal. I love to hear new music.

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