Mocky, aka Dominique Salole, isn’t the most well-known musician around, despite the fact that this Canadian just released his 5th solo album. Mocky is one of those collaborators that is often there to make his peers look and sound better and he’s mostly known for his work with the Canadian Crew — Feist, Chilly Gonzales, Peaches, SoCalled, Katie Moore et al.

A hardcore romantic — just listen to his duo with Feist, Fightin’ Away the Tears, that was the main single on his Navy Brown Blue (2006) album —, Mocky is, first and foremost a stellar arranger and melodist, not to mention that he’s an accomplished multi-instrumentist and producer who is behind some of your favourite albums (Jamie Lidell‘s Multiply and JIM, Feist’s The Reminder and Metals, to name but a few).

Even though it was quite apparent on his previous productions, the music on his latest, titled Key Change, could very well prove, once and for all, that Mocky is heir apparent to the throne of Burt Bacharach (if you’re not too familiar with the name, check his Wiki page).

What I mean by that is very simple: he’s got the same remarkable talent for going straight to the point and with as little artifices as possible to create the perfect pop song, even more so in his case because a vast majority of his creations are instrumentals.

Pure delight!


Key Change
(Heavy Sheet Productions, 2015)

-Genre: Adult contemporary pop (in the true, best sense of the term)
-In the same vein as: Feist, Gonzales, Jamie Lidell

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