musicians died 2015 october

Carey Lander, Bill Keith, Sya Styles

3: Jazz vibraphone and marimba player DAVE PIKE (age 77) played with Herbie Mann, Bill Evans, Nick Brignola, Paul Bley and Kenny Clarke, as well as leading his own band.


6: Country singer BILLY JOE ROYAL (age 73) died peacefully in his sleep. He had many hits in the 70s and 80s. Some may recognize this Deep Purple smash hit, Hush.


8: JIM DIAMOND (age 64) was a Scottish singer-songwriter who nailed 3 top 5 hits in his career, that spanned from 1984 to 2011.


9: LENY ESCUCDERO (age 82) was a French singer and actor, born in Spain. He recorded 20 albums from 1962 to 2010, played in 3 movies and 8 TV series and wrote 4 books.


9: N. RAMANI (age 80) was an eminent Indian Carnatic flautist. Ramani is also credited for introducing the long flute into Carnatic music. He performed his first concert at age 8 and reached the highest point of his career and international fame by age 22.


10: Three Dog Night lost another member when singer CORY WELLS (age 71) died of an infection related to multiple myeloma.


11: Saxophonist STEVE MACKAY (age 66) played for Iggy & the Stooges (on the album “Fun House”), Violent Femmes and Resident-collaborator Snakefinger. He was struck by sepsis, a dangerous infection that can causes organs to fail.


11: Camera Obscura keyboardist CAREY LANDER (age 33) was victim of osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer.


16: DENIS CUSPERT (age 39) was a rapper known as DESO DOGG. He ended his rap career after converting to Islam and taking the name Abou Maleeq. He got involved in Al-Qaeda and got killed in a US Airstrike in Syria.

20: English jazz musician DON RENDELL (age 89) was mainly a tenor saxophonist, he also played soprano saxophone, flute, and clarinet. He started his career in 1954 and later founded the Rendell–Carr Quintet.


22: New York jazz singer MARK MURPHY (age 83) was known for his use of vocalese and vocal improvisations with both melody and lyrics. He published almost one album a year from 1956 to 2013 on renowned labels such as Verve, Muse and High Note.


23: BILL KEITH (age 75) was a bluegrass banjoist who introduced a variation on the popular “Scruggs style” of banjo playing which would soon become known as melodic style, or “Keith style”.


23: American folk singer LEON BIBB (age 93) was one of the first performers at the Newport Folk Festival in 1959. During the late-1950s and early-1960s, Bibb was one of a number of American entertainers, who were blacklisted for alleged ties to left-wing groups and causes. He is the father of blues singer songwriter Eric Bibb.


24: CHARLES LEVEL (age 81) was a French songwriter who started on radio at 1958. He wrote over 1000 songs and 300 movie scores. His biggest success, La Bonne du cure, was interpreted by Annie Cordy in 1974 and sold over 3 million copies.


26: SYA STYLES (age 37) was a French DJ of Moroccan descent. He formed Psy 4 De La Rime with childhood friends. He also worked with Akhenaton, Freeman, Gasoline and Soprano.

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