Montréal, January 16, 2013 – A music writer for more than 20 years and web publisher for 12, Nicolas Pelletier has been writing album and concert reviews since 1991. He has published more than 3000 pieces in a variety of print and web magazines, including the website (part of the portal), of which he is also publisher, and emoragei magazine (since 1999). Some older publications have disappeared from newsstands or the web.

This new 1250-page collection, entitled “Les perles rares et grands crus de la musique” (Rare Gems and Classics in Music) gathers selected articles from the course of the past 22 years to showcase music from the best artists and groups across many genres – indie rock, folk, French-language music, jazz, world, reggae, punk, blues, experimental music, contemporary, pop, hardcore, trip hop, lounge, classical – both live and on disc. All articles are in French.

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au lancement (photo Etienne Goulet)

au lancement (photo Etienne Goulet)

Self-published by the author, the anthology is divided into two volumes. The first covers the years 1950 to 1999 and the second 2000 to 2012. For each year, Nicolas Pelletier offers his Top 10 for the year (both for the albums he reviewed and the concerts he attended) and then he recaptures the experiences by reprinting the original reviews, as written at the time. Each page is illustrated with the album cover as well as an official photo of the artist or group. The author specifies the musical genre and suggests similar artists to better contextualize each album. Dozens of concert photos taken by the author also appear throughout the collection, witnessing the biggest moments in the Montreal music scene.

“I love music. All types of music! I love discovering albums that turn me on, songs that haunt me, taking friends to amazing concerts. I love following the careers of artists that I find inspiring, inspired, captivating, authentic… My writings on the discs I receive and the concerts I attend are invitations to discovery! In publishing this collection, I want to ensure that these rare gems and classics reach as many listeners as possible,” explains the critic and certified writer.


Nicolas Pelletier began to cover the Montreal music scene at the age of 18 for the student newspaper at the Cégep Édouard-Montpetit. An inquisitive music lover, open to all styles of music, he began writing reviews of discs aimed at introducing the artists to the public. Since 1999 he has published more than 1100 album and concert reviews in emoragei magazine (both in print and online), focusing on independent rock and folk music. More recently, he has produced over 200 blog posts for, part of the portal, where he has worked since 2008.

“Les perles rares et grands crus de la musique” is Nicolas Pelletier’s first book.

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Mélomane invétéré plongeant dans tous les genres et époques, Nicolas Pelletier a publié 6 000 critiques de disques et concerts depuis 1991, dont 1100 chez emoragei magazine et 600 sur, dont il a également été le rédacteur en chef de 2009 à 2014. Il publie "Les perles rares et grands crus de la musique" en 2013, lance le site RREVERB en 2014, et devient stratège numérique des radios de Bell Média en 2015, participant au lancement de la marque iHeartRadio au Canada en 2016. Il dirige maintenant la stratégie numérique d'ICI Musique, la radio musicale de Radio-Canada.