The time has come for POP Montreal 2015. Listed below are a few of the bands not to be missed.

Heartless Bastards
Rock band formed in Ohio. Lead singer Erika Wennerstrom’s voice is a wonder. Loved the album Arrow. Am ready to get to know their latest, Restless Ones.

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
Really excited about them. If only to get my hands on their 2008 LP of the same name. Their music is a mixture of many styles (old R’n’B, Hawaiian, Gospel, Country…) but with a unique sound.

Royal Canoe
Heard good things about them and their performances. Since they’re playing at the Petit Campus, am pretty sure I won’t be disappointed.

Soft Cone
Saw them perform for the Passovah Fest. A bit experimental, a bit garage. a bit pop (if I remember well). Loved it. It was a short set though. I want to hear more. You’ll have to believe me when I tell you they’re good. No websites or links to their music unfortunately.


Soft Cone at Passovah (Brasserie Beaubien).

Nancy Pants
Dirty pop. Yes please.


Nancy Pants (Passovah Fest). photo Véronique Côté.

Montreal duo. Kyle Jukka (producer/sample artist) and Audrey Ann Boucher (voice). You’d think it borrows from electronic music but it’s too organic to be electronic.


She-Devils at the Ritz PDB. photo Véronique Côté.

Experimental pop with a great voice. If some of you don’t know them yet, you should.

Black Le Gary
Want to be débousselé? Attend their live act. It’s quite something. You might even laugh.

Nick Diamonds
Member of the Unicorns and Islands, am very curious about his solo project.

The Sonics
Need I say more?

Les Marinellis

My first time seeing them was at the FME a week ago. It’s pure debauchery and it’s great.

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