Formed by Julian Flavin, Dexter Garcia, and Nigel Ward, Seoul is a this trio of synth-loving perfectionists – they are doing their album launch party in their home town of Montreal tonight (26th June).

Their first album opens up with I Become A Shade, a gently sung 2 minute introduction slowly slowly building up from a vinyl crackling sound, to a sprinkle of organ, to some synth, and then blending straight into the fully blown electro melody of The Line, a song where Seoul’s sound clearly establishes itself. In a Bermuda triangle between Chillwave (Toro y Moi, Washed Out), the eighties and dream pop.

I am certain this is another local band we’ll be hearing much talk about over the worldwide indie music scene. They have crafted a sound of their own, with a great sense of song structure and and incredible knack for hooks. However, they do stay on the quiet front. These guys have refined and honed their first album for such a long time, it feels sometimes a little overwrought, but what they may lack in spontaneity is well made up by the quality of their production.

The album has many highlights,  including Haunt/A Light, the soaring refrain of Real June, the serenely throbbing single White Morning, Stay With Us, and the clever pop hook of Silencer. Other songs in between weaving a weightless thread – this definitely is an album with no fillers and a whole lot of thought poured into it.

Catch them if you can.


I Become a Shade
(Last Gang, 2015)

– Genre: synth-driven dream pop
– Sounds like: Neon Indian, Toro Y Moi, Washed Out

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