Accomplished bass player and backing vocalist for Boston’s acclaimed soul-pop outfit Lake Street Drive; Bridget Kearney steps out on her own for the first time with a collection of 60’s rooted pop songs that will enchant fans of middle of the adult-orientated-road-music who also enjoy playing spot the influence.

The writing, playing and production are all out of the top draw (sic), the only drawbacks are Kearney’s pleasantly adequate but unremarkable voice and any hint of originality.


‘Wash Up’. ‘Who are we Kidding’ and ‘Love Doctor’ are arguably the pick of the pack as they play to Kearney’s many strengths. These include an ear for a catchy melody and an encyclopeadic knowledge of pop styles. This is music by numbers full of deft touches and moments of pure pop pleasure that ‘Won’t Let You Down

Catchy, fab and unremittingly nice.

Won’t Let You Down
(Signature Sounds, 2017)

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