Being born in 1977 by way of Brooklyn NY my script had been written. ’77 in The Big Apple was an enormous cultural shift and was often filled urban blight that gripped Music and the social scene that decided to run the city. However NYC was going through one of the most prolific musical stages ever presented to enthusiasts. Disco was at its height, Punk reigned supreme in the Village and Lower East side (Bowery), and Hip-Hop was introducing its cultural prowess in The Boogie down Bronx.

So that is where my story began but for certain does not end. Music runs strong through my bloodline courtesy of family and friends who themselves had all different tastes. Which has propelled me to love and especially find that new tune, so to say. Music seduced me at a very young age and it has been a continuation of lifelong companionship. To label myself as a musical connoisseur would be an understatement. I do have preferences which I’m sure most tend to have as well.

Throughout the years of musical evolution in which my ears have received a thrust of endorphin’s I have kept current to date but I also very much hone onto the old school music which I grew up with.

My line of work for the past 20 years has been at the human service level. Music has always been a key component to the individuals happiness, enthusiasm, and overall well being. It has always been an important aspect in my line of work.

So I close this bio in stating that for me personally MUSIC is at the forefront to culture, fashion, and a common ground of bliss.

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Richie (Richard) has resided in Canarsie situated in the borough of Brooklyn followed by the trendy rural area of The beautiful Catskill mountains for close to 40 years. His undying love and dedication of NYC and Montréal Quebec is unparalleled. His passion for music are eclectic genres from rock to hip-hop to reggae to dance to funk to new-wave to pop to ska and onto Motown to name just a few. He is an avid traveler and absorbs the cultural sense of people and their heritage. He absolutely values his family and friends. Richie is a father to an incredible 16 year old daughter Bailey Rose and a has wonderful girlfriend Christina (Christi) who also shares his passion of music, culture, and travel.