It wouldn’t seem corny to qualify last night’s show at the Fairmount Theater in Montreal as bright and fiery, full of colours and smiles.

It wouldn’t be corny because if you do something for yourself sometimes, it should be to feel happy enough to not care what others think. And last night was that kind of show. The audience was as diverse as a rainbow with roots in Africa and ending in Poland!

Though I will mostly talk about Daby Touré, it wouldn’t be fair not to mention Les Productions Nuits d’Afrique. Their artist selection is always on point and of high quality. Their strength also lies in attracting an extremely diverse crowd that doesn’t feel judgy. So, happy 30th year to Nuits d’Afrique!

After interviewing Daby last week, my impression of the man was that he was definitely lit with something passionate. Still, he was almost calm and reserved, though clearly opinionated.

Fast forward to last night. I had completely loved the album, Amonafi, and I also had previous works on my player, so my expectations might have been a little high.

Daby came on stage…  He played the first couple chords of the first song… BAM! The guy has it. There is no other way of describing it. He has it! His soul pours out of him through his music. His whole body asserts purity down to the tips of his dancing hair.

That’s what it is. He is pure and authentic.

He could have played only two songs and I would have felt fulfilled. So to be treated to more than an hour and half of this was like a bliss bath!

Daby Touré

His dreamy but imposing voice comes out of this tiny body. With all that energy stemming from him, it’s not surprising he has zero body fat. And that was just the beginning. Daby Touré alone on stage with his guitar, which sounded like there were percussions and bass inside it.

After about 20 minutes, Antoine Katz on bass and Zach Mullings on drums joined him on stage. All I can say is that being backed by sick musicians like these two only pushed Daby’s fervor!

The vibe went from glowing to fiercely spirited.

Most of the songs from the album were covered, along with some classics from previous works like Hammadi.

The owner of La Khaima, Atigh, was there and as exuberant as he was happy, dancing on stage with contagious moves.

Everybody let loose, especially after the audience was encouraged to stand up and come to the front.

No one wanted to let him stop and he seemed happy to comply. And yet, being tired from a heavy tour full of consecutive dates, constant interviews and driving, the energy was just as high at the end as it was in the beginning, if not higher.

Daby Touré

You know how sometimes the show doesn’t work compared to the studio album? Well, in that case it pushed it! Daby Touré is a true performer, he embodies his music, lives it to the fullest. The pure joy it brings him to play is palpable, and transmitted to the listeners. Let’s hope he’ll record some live albums in the future!

It was a privilege to be in a small venue, but that show could have filled a whole stadium.

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